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A poem by Tom Hind of Canada


The song of a screech

Shatters blackness, hails

Night scattered with rains

And cool winds; full luminous moon

Glides, slivers of light

Make shadows scitter like mice

Across fog-patched dew-dropped mountain.


Owl screech like human speech

Warns of a kill downhill —

Blond grizzly hungry for elk.

Prong-horned gaze of death comforts

The living-glad, nocturnal creatures

Slipping through thickets below tree line –

Owl song emanates danger sign,

Signals ears eager for hearing.


Dawn streaks purple and crimson in the east,

Chasing snow white clouds away; swift breezes

Heighten pitch, pallid moon lusts for more life

Without sun glitch to spoil and soil its shadow fun

And daylight animals hanker for elk-kill remains

Sprayed around on the ground.


The screech of the song forever will go on,

Making living hearts thump until the death be won.




Editor’s note: Mr. Tom Hind is a member of the Mahayana Zengong Association of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Grand Master Shan-Fo came to Edmonton to give Dharma teachings, healing demonstration, and empowerment to the general public as well as to the Mahayana Zengong students during September of the year 2000. Tom wrote and personally read this poem, paying his respect to Grand Master in the Farewell/Appreciation Dinner Party.


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By Sonia Chemarin, Sydney, Australia


Ten years ago I took ecstasy LSD and mushrooms separately on a few occasions. Then one morning I woke up and everything seemed very dark. The trees looked bizarre and people looked very strange. I ran outside into the paddock and scrammed that someone had done black magic on me. I felt like I was stuck in a bottle and being possessed by bad spirits. I found out later that somebody indeed had done black magic on me.

I had a few healings and medical treatments to get rid of it, but I still was not well. I realized that I never came back. One night I dreamed that I was singing, but a sheet of white light separated me from this world. I woke up next morning feeling completely disconnected from my body and this world. Something has happened to my third eye, like it was forcefully opened, too open. Sometimes I felt my body would disappear and I was dissolving into the universe. I felt like a living dead. I was alive but not here. I lost my identity and did not feel connected to my family anymore. I felt that I was in hell.

When I am around people or touch them I take on their energy and their personality. I feel who they are. I have no protection. I have very bad nerve ringing in my ears. My nervous system and my mind are very confused and damaged.

Although I get better as the years go by, I still experience the above-mentioned symptoms, especially at night. I do not go out at night if possible. I have experienced years of intense fear and anxiety attacks, depression and deep unhappiness, and many times wished that I were dead.

Once I had a Tibetan pulsing done on me for 14 days and all those symptoms worsened. It took me weeks to come back into my body. I joined the Reiki training at one time. When I practiced Reiki it would take me days to come back. Everything would worsen. I feel like my body, mind, and spirit have been separated.

Since taking up the Mahayana Zengong (MZ) practice and receiving the Qi Gong healings and empowerment from Grand Master Shan-Fo I feel a lot better. The bottle, which entrapped me, appeared to vanish. I feel more light, happier, and less fear.

I also have hypoglycemia, low blood sugar levels. I constantly keep a watchful eye on my sugar intakes. After practice Mahayana Zengong for more than half a year the symptom of my hypoglycemia seems not as acute as before. This is the first time that a practice works for me to have positive improvement on my physical and mental health.   

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Yittah’s Story

By Yittah Lawrence, Sydney, Australia



I had worked at the Mind Body Spirit Festival as a psychic for a few years. I usually have a bit of a glance at the festival booklet in case there is a workshop I may want to attend. Usually there is not. At the turn of the century, i.e., in the year 2000, I found the advertisement for Mahayana Zengong. The advertisement said INVITATION in large capital letters, but I hardly noticed the word. I could not take my eyes off the picture of Grand Master Shan-Fo. I was shaking allover inside and I could not even ring to make inquiries for about a half hour.

The advertisement was yellow and the Chinese letters were in red with a lotus flower and an OK mudra sign in the middle. I sat quietly and meditated. I felt a very strong past life connection to the teaching and to the Grand Master. It is really important to make the point that yes; I know we have many past life connection. But no, I didn’t walk around saying this very often. Slowly I started to read the advertisement. The word “ALL ARE WELCOME” seemed to touch my heart.

Finally I calmed myself enough such that I could ring Marilla whose phone number appeared on the advertisement. She had not put her name. Now I realize that Marilla is not looking for accolades, merely to serve Grand Master and the teaching. Marilla and I had a wonderful talk and I am thrilled to say I have been blessed to make friends with a spiritual Sister who is a woman of high standing and I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the welcoming of myself into this group (in Sydney) by all the older students.

Language is no barrier -Chinese and English students manage very well together. There is a strong sense of community in the group. Around the same time as I discovered Mahayana Zengong I also discovered a lump in my stomach. I have had healings from Grand Master and other Masters. Whilst I have been sensible with my eating, juices, etc., I know that the fact I did not need chemotherapy or any other form of medical intervention has a lot to do with my Chi energy practices and healings.

            I had been involved in meditation practices and teachings for about 18 years before I found Mahayana Zengong. But nothing had been this powerful. I had along the way even learned some of the same meditations and practiced them but without the same results. Recently, when I was sharing this experience with a friend who lives 7 hours away, and who is not involved with our teaching. She explained why I now have such a different experience and I would like to share this explanation. “When you learn a spiritual practice from a truly enlightened Teacher, you receive the gift of Grace as well. But, this can only happen if the teacher is a True Teacher. When you learn techniques only, that is what you get – techniques. Now, you have received the blessing of Grace.”

I give thank to Marilla who serves so humbly. To all my brothers and sisters at our center for their warmth, to all the Masters who have come here from Taiwan, Los Angeles, and Canada to translate, teach and assist, and last but definitely not the least, I give humble thanks to Grand Masters for their presence and their grace.

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By Gordon Peck (Fa Yun), Sydney, Australia



On the 5th May 2002, Grand Master Shan-Fo conducted a deliverance ceremony in Sydney, for the departed loved ones of members and their friends and also for their own past life departures.

I was sitting there as the ceremony was going on, watching everything with interest and partaking in it, when I noticed out of the corner of my eyes, some rapid movement. When I saw this, I knew that there was something happening. So, I let myself enter into a deeper state of meditation or concentration, and asked to be shown what was around and happening. As I moved into a deeper state of meditation, I saw lots of movement. Looking up onto the stage, I saw Great Beings assembled there to assist.

One of the first things I noticed was the rapid movement around the four sides of the room. Another, that caught my attention at first, was what looked like a large flock of birds or shoal of fish, but the same shaped beings, all going in the same direction at the same time. They moved into the Alter, down to the back of the room on my right hand side (as I was facing the Alter) then up the left hand side of the room, and again up to the Alter, then slowly moving out, and disappearing. I do not know what these beings were. Maybe it is a group soul?

I watched all these beings moving into different areas of the room, with different beings and groups of beings also coming in. The movement was getting faster and faster, and no matter how fast they moved, and the activity moved, the whole thing was done in a very orderly fashion. With all the rapidity, everything was in total order. There were an enormous number of beings and people entering and leaving the area constantly.

Looking upwards towards the Alter, above Grandmaster Shan-Fo, and the other people doing their prostrations, and reading the names for the Delivery Service, I saw the Medicine Buddha, on my right hand side, above the Alter, but, looking as though he was out in space, a long, long, way away. He was beaming down this beautiful blue, Lapis Lazuli, energy.  It was magnificent, and he was sitting there so serenely. I saw other Great Beings there also, including The Great Golden Buddha (Vairocana) Ben Shi. Kuan-Yin was actually superimposed over Grandmaster’s body. It looked magnificent! Grandmaster’s emanation was increased by Kuan-Yin and it radiated wonderfully in all directions. It was very easy to see. I saw many Divine Beings there, with a lot of green and gold energy, and a prolific amount of white energy with gold flecks in it, floating around. It was really beautiful and breath-taking.

I had to finally leave that dimension because the energy on the floor was moving so fast that I was becoming dizzy. So I stopped “looking”. I thanked the beings for showing me that experience, and moved out and back to where I was.

One of our brothers asked me if most of the beings I had seen were Chinese. I could not answer him, as I did not notice. There were people there that I do not see in this world, and other images that I did not understand.

The whole ceremony was wonderful, and the Love and Energy that Grandmaster Shan-Fo gave us was beautiful, and I wish to thank him very much.

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by Almanique Jacquet, Los Angeles

This is a personal account of my spiritual journey. The journey that has taken me from West to East, from China to India. from Buddhist and Hindu – (Sufi ) and past to future.

My name is Almanique Jacquet. In the year 2000. I first met GRANDMASTER SHAN-FO, the Head of the Buddhayana Order Mahayana Zengong, a Zen Master. Healer, and World Teacher, Qigong master and healer. I saw an intensely bright turquoise light behind his body when I first saw him. This light wrapped his body like a cocoon and left a lasting impression on me. I have been a follower of his ever since. Grandmaster has been regarded by many Buddhists as the living expression of the Boddhisattva Maitreya, a spiritual being of unconditional loving kindness and compassion. Shortly after I met him, my dreams began to unfold possibilities of “peace”.

A year and a half after I had met Grandmaster, a friend introduced me to Syed Aziz. Nizami in Los Angeles. Syed Aziz Nizami. the Head of the Hazrat Nizamuddin Spiritual Foundation, in New Delhi. is known throughout the world for his ability to do healings and clearing people of negative forces. The center that he manages is dedicated to the life and teachings of Sultan Syed Nizamuddin Aulia, a famous 14th century saint and humanitarian, who was famous in his lifetime for welcoming people of all faiths and from all walks of life, without prejudice. Till this day it remains a welfare centre, distributing food and clothing to the needy and existing without government support but solely on the gifts or donations. A descendant of Nizamuddin. Syed Aziz Nizami continues the tradition of feeding thousands of people everyday at the Dargah of Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia.

When I met Syed Aziz Nizami and told him about Grandmaster, he expressed an interest in having me introduce him to his Buddhist counterpart in the near future.

In January, 2003, I made my first trip to Asia. visiting the beautiful island of Taiwan. I learned that the entire country was built with a special energy, which I immediately felt upon exiting the plane. Everything seemed so familiar to me. I felt like I had come home after being away for a long while. Grandmaster had arranged for several members from his organization to greet me. When I mentioned to Grandmaster that Sycd Aziz Nizami had expressed an interest in meeting him, the feeling was mutual, and Grandmaster likewise expressed a desire to meet Syed Aziz Nizami.

As spirit would have it. that spring Grandmaster Shan-Fo and Grandmaster Shan-Yin flew to Los Angeles. I always hear Grandmaster’s voice when he is enroute. This time, however. I also smelled incense that reminded me of Syed Aziz Nizami. I phoned the only number that I had for Syed Aziz Nizami and was informed that he was arriving at the Los Angeles airport.

Two days later an introduction between Syed Aziz Nizami and Grandmaster Shan-Fo took place and plans were underway for the Buddhists to travel to India to teach and heal at Nizammuddin Aulia. using Grandmaster’s Chi Gong methods.

I visited the Shrine several times to prepare the Nizami family for the long awaited visit of Grandmaster’s Buddhist entourage. On November I. 2005, at 2:30 am Grandmaster and 25 members were met at the New Delhi International Airport by Syed Aziz Nizami, Faiz Nizami his son. and myself (Fi-E).

As I witnessed the greeting of these two masters. there wasn’t any question in my mind that I was only a messenger and that they brought the light through the long ages. Syed and his 750 year old shrine and Grandmaster with the highest form of Buddhism were now creating new grounds never before tread upon. Though from different cultures they were within the light and had somehow proven by their daily words and actions that the light exists today just as it did thousands of years ago.

When we left New Delhi for Patna all I had was the clothing on my back, plus a toothbrush from the hotel. The laugh is that I am a designer of clothing. Grandmaster. Robert, the 25 delegates and I boarded the plane to visit the Sacred Lands of the Buddhist.

Many of these sacred places seemed familiar, the streets, the mountains, the caves. I felt like I was drifting back in time. I can only share with you what I was feeling. Although I was surrounded by the others, I was as alone in my mind’s eyes as always. Grandmaster and I never have to speak. I read his eyes and his heart and I also felt the others at the same level.

It wasn’t until I arrived at the Ascetic Forests that my world changed forever. I stood beside Grandmaster Shan-Fo and Robert Wu in silence when a voice came and said for me to stand still. I felt energy entering my hands, my body and within a moment I became a vessel of lights. They were coming in from all directions raising my arms to a mighty force, I could feel the lights hitting my body from all directions. I wanted to open my eyes but had no power or thoughts. The voice surrounded me. It seemed like an eternity until the lights departed the same way as they entered. I felt tired yet new. My face changed. The hair around my face had turned white. I never had grey hair before. I covered it with a scarf. From that moment on when the monks saw me they said that I had a Buddha face. I no longer feel, think or process the same. Internally, there has been a shill in me. Externally, the only physical evidence of that moment that remains is my new grey hairline.

We arrived back in New Delhi and to the Sufi Shrine. Grandmaster and our lovely group of beautiful people fed the poor, shared our blessings with the Shrine, donated blankets and contributed donations to the earthquake victims.

Fortunately before leaving New Delhi. I had set up interviews with the local newspapers, and scheduled healing classes that we taught for one week at the Town Hall. Billboards of our Grandmaster adorned the streets of India. Grandmaster graciously and generously did endless sharing of his knowledge

There was an immediate bonding between Syed Aziz and Grandmaster. Robert Wu never seemed to tire of sharing in translating from his native language to English. We were all moving so fast. Meeting with dignitaries and the poor, “it’s all the same”.

On the last day of our visit when Grandmaster and Syed Aziz said their goodbyes, I thought there are so many different teachings and they all hinge on God, yet they all approach the subject in different ways. We must begin to understand in order to have peace. We must recognize the different attitudes of thoughts and be aware that this is the reason for different teachings.

As a woman, what is my part in this equation? I looked at the masters and I discovered we are all one. There is no separation in spirit. All is spirit. I began to feel the lights of the deities within me. My life while in this environment was void of words. My journey had no expectations. I humbly recognize there is a power far greater than my knowingness. I no longer acknowledge negative thoughts.

Unlike the masters I did not choose to be on any path. Rather. the path chose me. When I saw the turquoise energy that surrounded Grandmaster at our first meeting, I knew I had to surrender to that energy no matter where it would take me. And that was the beginning of my journey.

My purpose? Perhaps it was to reunite two old souls from past lifetimes, two kindred souls, who endow and enrich the lives of everyone they touch. Two magnificent beings known in their present incarnations as…… Syed Aziz Nizami and Grandmaster Shan-Fo!

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