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by George Wen of Vancouver, British Columbia


            I would like to briefly report the benefits obtained from practicing Mahayana Zengong. I met Grand Master Shan-Fo a few years ago at Chun-Shan (Sun Yat-Sen) Auditorium celebrating the Double Tenth National Holiday Ceremony in Taipei, Taiwan. I knew Grand Master was a Zen Master at the time. I casually mentioned to him that I had two kinds of ailments which I wished to get rid of.

            My first ailment was a chronic stomach pain. I felt pains when my stomach or abdomen area was subjected to cold wind or exposed to cold air from air conditioning. It all started about ten years ago when I took a bath and I cleaned out the dirt from my navel with a toothpick. I thought I took the cleanest bath in my life. Since then, I have had this stomach problem. At that time I taught at the National Taiwan University. I used to wrap my tummy and navel with a towel to go to work. My other health problems were that I was overweight and had high blood pressure. Both ailments bothered me for more than a decade.

            After I mentioned these concerns to Grand Master Shan-Fo, he asked me to sit down on a chair and close my eyes. All of a sudden, I had a warm feeling at my tummy. It got hotter and hotter and then spread outwardly. It was like water boiling in a pot. This heat was so intense that I felt I could not stand it any longer. A few minutes later Grand Master told me to see him if I felt uncomfortable again. Strangely enough I have never suffered from tummy pains since then.

            That very day, Grand master also healed my high blood pressure. He utilized a similar technique and placed his right hand on the top of my head for about 5-6 minutes. By chance the following day was my scheduled appointment for a physical check-up. My doctor at the General Veteran Hospital told me that my blood pressure was normal! At that time I was still taking high blood pressure pills. To find out whether Grand Master’s healing worked or not, I purposely skipped taking pills for three consecutive days. I then went to my pharmacist to have blood pressure measured. My blood pressure was still normal as it supposed to be.

            After I returned to Vancouver, Canada, I kept in contact with both Grand Masters and decided to invite them to come to Vancouver to teach the wonderful Mahayana Zengong. Three years later (April 1991), Grand Masters Shan-Fo, Shan-Yin, and their disciples finally visited Vancouver. They held the first public seminar presentation for the Overseas Chinese Community in Vancouver. The local newspaper reported that it was the most crowded gathering of Overseas Chinese since Vancouver established its cityhood 106 years ago. The news reporters took pictures when Grand Master performed light energy emanation to heal the audience. Five of them displayed Buddha light. That was very interesting to many others and myself.

            I personally witnessed with my own eyes the healing done on an old woman who entered the conference room in a wheelchair. She told Grand Master that she could not move her arms and feet for several years. After five minutes treatment the woman was able to gradually raise both of her arms. She was so excited that she burst into tears; so did her folks. There are too many successful healing cases to report to you here.

            Two Canadians came to the hotel to visit their friends. When they saw the big crowd of Chinese packing the conference room in the hotel, they asked the hotel personnel what was going on. They were told that a certain doctor from Taiwan was demonstrating Chinese Kung-Fu and performing healing. They were curious enough to want to see what was really going on. They saw Grand Master Shan-Fo emitting light energy empowerment to the audience. The two Canadians were obviously sensitive to the healing energy. Their bodily Chi energy were evidently activated so that their bodies moved incessantly. At the end of the healing session, in a brief survey, 95% of the audience raised their hands indicating that they felt Chi energy. The two Canadians took the podium to share what they felt about the healing Chi energy. One of them said: “I felt a tingling sensation, warmth, and heat rising from my feet straight upward.” The other person said: “I felt warmth and heat all over my body and a kind of tremor movement. People told me that I was swaying and wavering. I was not aware of it myself although I knew my thoughts were fleeting and wandering about. I also had a sensation of levitation.” Their testimonies raised excited responses from the audience.

            Chi-Kung is a profound yet scientific teaching. It has received worldwide recognition now. I hope every one of you will diligently study, gain insight in the true meaning of Reality, attain Self-Realization and help others to achieve the same goal.


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by John Varga of Australia


            Nine years ago I failed to see that pothole in the middle of the road. It was big enough to bury a couple of footballs but I guess it was just one of those things. I don’t even remember falling. All I recall was a totally disorientating bump which was strong enough to send me into space or back in time. Next thing I know I was trying to get up off the road. It must have been quite a sight. No wonder I didn’t get run over, I am sure that everyone must have been watching the show.

            With the typical adrenalin cum shock situation, I had yet to realize any pain but I did notice that I had mobility problems with my left arm and shoulder while something was moving around in my upper chest. Obviously seriously disorientated but still very diligent, I showed up at the office and managed to stop all activity with my appearance. One look at me and they said, “you should go to hospital man!”

            By this time the bone in my chest was moving around with an audible clicking sound and you did not need to have a medical degree to realize that I had a cleanly broken collarbone. To most people that may not mean much but in reality it is just as debilitating as a broken limb. Modern medicine has no answer or remedy to this problem except for prescribing painkillers and pulling the shoulders back in a heavy elastic brace. The doctor said all I could do was wait for the broken bone to bond and strengthen which would probably be a month.

            For the next few days all I could do was lay flat and completely motionless on the bed. You see, even the slightest movement caused excruciating pain. Not to mention the unnerving clicking sound of bone moving against bone. Just to give you an idea of the situation, in order to sit up and go to the bathroom required about five minutes of painstaking effort and several failed attempts to achieve verticality. The gravity of the situation was great indeed!

            One of my classmates told Grandmaster Shan Fo why I was absent from class. On about the third day of my holiday in hell I suddenly saw Grandmaster Shan Fo standing at the foot of my bed. Subsequently I felt an amazing sense of relaxation and well being while drifting off into one of the best sleeps I have ever had. I know what you are thinking, “the painkillers must have made the poor boy hallucinate.” That is highly unlikely. What’s more, I had the same vision and sensory experience the next day.

After a week I could begin to move more freely as the bone had begun to bond and I no longer had that excruciating bone-clicking sound with the slightest movement. The result of all this was that I was back at work doing half-days only ten days after the accident. I was amazed at the speed of this recovery. After a month I was perfectly fine, except for some stiffness and soreness. I was filled with a sense of amazement and wonder. When I next went to class, Grandmaster Shan Fo asked me how I was. I told him about my experience and about seeing him in my room. He did not say a thing. All he did was laugh.

            No matter what you may say, think or what conclusions you may reach, all I can say was that it sure was an amazing recovery!

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by Teresa Lee of Taipei


            I have practiced Mahayana Zengong since November 1991. I remember so many fond memories about the practices, remarkable stories about members and their families, etcetera. Now I want to share with you a miracle about a new life attributable to Ben Shi’s blessing. My indebtedness is beyond description and expressed by the word “Gratitude.”

            It all happened in August 1996. My husband used to drive a car and seldom rode a motorcycle. To help out his good friend he bought a used motorcycle from him. On his way home from work around eleven o’clock at night he was struck by a passing car inside the Sing-Hai Tunnel. He fell down at the center divider. By the time I got to the scene of the accident, my husband was sitting on the pavement and looking a bit confused and disoriented. There were no obvious injuries except a few minor scratches on his face and the temple area. As soon as we got home, he went to bed immediately. Between one and two o’clock in the morning he started vomiting and complained of a severe headache. Somehow I got a hint that I should take him to hospital right away, which I did.

            As we arrived at the hospital, my husband sank into a coma. The doctor at the emergency room examined him and diagnosed an excessive hemorrhage inside his skull and recommended an immediate operation. The pupil of his eye was already enlarged. I was told it could be too late if he was not operated on. As I signed the surgery agreement, the chief surgeon told me in a serious tone that, because of the severe bleeding inside the skull, there was no guarantee that the operation would be a success. He asked me to prepare to accept the inevitable consequence.

            During the operation, which took about four hours, I sincerely prayed to Ben Shi and Avalokitesvara for a successful operation. I must admit that never in my life had I been so sincere, devoted, and concentrated in praying and calling on the Buddhas. The surgeon finally came out of the operation and gave me a briefing. My husband was in critical condition because his brain stem suffered from a swelling pressure and that the brain stem was twisted. He reiterated: “The conditions are not very optimistic. In the worst scenario, he could become a vegetable. Otherwise, he could become paralyzed with a serious handicap.” Facing a situation like this, I felt nothing else could be done, but I prayed to Ben Shi.

            While staying in the Intensive Care Unit, Grand Masters and my fellow practitioners were continuously reciting the Nine-Syllable-Mantra, performing rituals, and dedicating virtue and merit for the sake of my husband’s safe recovery. Under the blessings from the group in unison, my husband miraculously gradually regained his consciousness and made progress every day. When Grand Masters visited him they performed cleansing and healing rituals. My husband woke up alert. The Grand Masters told him to recite the Nine-Syllable-Mantra all the time. He responded by folding his hands together and replied: “I know”. The Grand Masters asked him again: “Do you know what is that?” My husband answered: “Namo Ben Shi Da Zi Zai Wang Fo”. I was amazed at his response, because he always refused to recite any Buddha’s name.

            After he was transferred to the regular room for recovery he mentioned to me that he saw Ben Shi in his coma. The Buddha looked like the giant statues on top of the Mt. Pa-Kua. The Buddha shone forth resplendent rays and golden rays of light from his whole body. I asked him: “How do you know HE is Namo Ben Shi Da Zi Zai Wang Fo?” He answered: “The words Namo Ben Shi Da Zi Zai Wang Fo were written on his side”.

            After two more operations, my husband was finally able to walk out of the hospital on his own power. Before he was discharged the chief surgeon came to the recovery room to take pictures with him to keep on file. He proclaimed: “It is a miracle! It is a miracle indeed!” He told me a sad case had happened a few days before. A college student got involved in a traffic accident just like my husband. Unfortunately that young man did not survive the surgery.

            Alas! Life is like a candle burning in a wind. Life is impermanent like a flame which can be extinguished at any moment. Sometimes, I watch my husband go to work, play ball, and he has good health like he used to. I can hardly believe that he had once been a thin hair away from death!

            I would like to express deep gratitude to my fellow practitioners for their support, to Grand Masters for their unconditional blessing, healing, and empowerment, and to Ben Shi for His manifested powers of Virtue, Wisdom, and Good Fortune. These great powers help cleanse karmic forces, relinquish calamities and bad luck, grant blessings and the miracle of life to my husband. It is beyond words to express my gratitude to all of you.

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by Su-Zin Jian of Teacher’s Summer Camp


Grand Masters expounded the Buddha Dharma in a marvelous way. Although I had heard some of their discussions in the past, it was my first time listening to a thorough interpretation in its entirety. It clearly answered many of my questions. I listened closely and attentively and yet I could not memorize the whole thing in a short time. I was happy and fortunate to obtain the sponsorship from my school and permission from my family so that I could attend Teacher’s Summer Camp (a Seven-Day Zen Retreat). I treasured this opportunity to listen to Dharma teachings by Enlightened Masters. Praise to Buddha Amitabha!

The sessions covered Zen dynamic exercises, meditation practice and discussion of the philosophy of Buddhism. It was a very intensive, busy schedule, too much for me to handle. However, I opened up my mind and did my best to absorb the whole teaching like a giant sponge. I hoped the time would go by slowly so that someone like me could comprehend the true meaning of Reality, attain mind awakening and enlightenment, regain the Buddha nature, realize Self-Realization and help others to full liberation.


*                      *                      *


After receiving teaching of the text “Homage to Buddha and Confessional Prayer”, I was so moved that I burst into tears every time I recited it. I repented my sins with all sincerity. Due to the primordial ignorance, I committed countless bad karmas and I was worried that I would not be able to make them all up in this life. As I was listening to the Zen music, I burst into tears again. I naturally got out the meditation mat, kneeled down on the ground and meditated on the text again. I prayed for forgiveness from my karmic debtors for a long time.


                        *                      *                      *


I recalled much of the karma that I had committed in the past forty years. I carried a heavy load of bad karma as a teacher and as a school psychological counselor. I did not know of my insufficient virtue and merits and did not dedicate them to others. No wonder the medical doctors could not find out what was wrong with me and yet I felt sick all the time. Now I understood that it resulted from the Law of Causality. I should wholeheartedly repent my bad karma and recite the Nine-Syllable-Mantra as much as I could every day.

After my sincere repentance this morning, I felt warm, relaxed and comfortable by Da Zi Zai Wang Fo’s radiant blessing in the afternoon meditation session. When Grand Masters emitted light energy emanation upon us, I felt so loved again that my tears kept dropping down, partly because of happiness and joy, partly because of sorrow deep down in my heart. I was happy and joyful because I made a vow to cultivate Mahayana Zengong. I was sorrowful because I was unable to help others. I was scared that I could not fulfill my vow. So I prayed to Da Zi Zai Wang Fo for strength and guidance.


                        *                      *                      *


I was fortunate enough to receive Dharma Teaching from the Grand Masters. As Grand Master Shan-Yin said: “It is due to good fortune that you have the opportunity to listen to the Dharma teaching of the Buddhayana Order Mahayana Zengong.” This is because the essential teachings of the Buddhayana Order treats the doctrine of Buddhist Philosophy as the principle, meditation as the Dharma Gateway, and Chi-Kung as a complementary means. In the Seven-Day Zen Retreat, Grand Masters taught us in person. They taught us everything they knew without reservation. With my hard work, study and practice I began to truly understand the profoundness of Mahayana Zengong teaching. It is a supreme gateway that provides teaching which allows a genuine cultivation and actual realization.

I learned more than ten movements of the First Level Zen Dynamic Exercises. The movements allow me to harmonize and strengthen my whole body. I made obvious progress and benefits physically. I was exuberant to experience a breakthrough in my Zen meditation. My spine, shoulders and neck, which were always cold and stiff for the past 20 years, were warming up. I felt warm on my upper body too. Further, it felt great that my whole body was kind of being embraced by Chi energy.


                        *                      *                      *


I made advances in opening up my mind and my heart for the past six days. Every day I learned and realized certain insights about aspects of life, work and nature. Especially on the third day, after reciting “Homage to Buddha and Confessional Prayer” and the subsequent repentance, I was filled with Dharma Joy and was full of gratitude. As stated in the Sutras: “When conditions and circumstances of co-arising are met, there is a gathering; otherwise, there is none.” The Seven-Day Zen Retreat finally draws to a conclusion. Tonight is the last night of the Retreat. We repeatedly sang the song “The Boundless Heart” to the Grand Masters. But the ultimate gratitude to the Grand Masters should be that we vow to sincerely take up spiritual cultivation and march forward on the Path.

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by Grace Lee of Los Angeles


            Having practiced Mahayana Zengong for many years, I gained many benefits not only improving my physical and mental well-being, but also helping resolve health problems for my relatives and friends. I want to share with you a few healing experiences.

            In June 1999, my mother came back from my second brother’s home. It was not clear why bacteria got into her blood stream. But bacteria multiplied quickly. For defense, the numbers of white blood cells increased correspondingly. As a result the blood stream became viscous and thickened. That caused her two consequent minor heart attacks. (It should be pointed out that my mother had a quadruple bypass surgery at the age of 83.) The functions of her kidney and urology systems failed in succession. Thus the blood was plagued by a urinary tract infection. With other ensuing complications my mother entered into a coma. During this critical period the doctors and specialists declared that my mother was 87 years old, the functions of her internal organs failed, her vitality quickly diminished, and therefore the odds of her recovery were very slim. The family doctor advised me to inform my folks to come and say their last good-byes to my mother. Before my relatives arrived in Los Angeles from all over the world, my mother regained her consciousness due to the continual efforts of brother Fa-Ming and myself. We emitted light energy emanation and performed Buddhist rituals on her as often as we could every day.

            The doctors were amazed about what had happened; yet they could not figure out what was going on and repeatedly apologized to me. They admitted that they should not have given up so early and caused my relatives to come here from all over the world. My mother was discharged from the hospital in three weeks. She could get out of bed on her own and walk around by herself five weeks later. So far, she has remained active and healthy.

            In November 1999, sister Kuo was overjoyed to welcome a new grandson. However, sister Kuo immediately noticed his unusual appearance at birth. After the complete physical check-up, it was confirmed that her grandson had an extra chromosome and his heart had two holes. Upon hearing the news, she went into a state of shock and disbelieved this could have happened because all the prenatal tests were normal! The baby’s father is a medical doctor. The family was fully aware of the problems both the baby and the family faced in the future.

            Under the encouragement of sister Kuo, as soon as the three-week old baby was discharged from the hospital he was brought to the Da-Neng Buddhist Center to receive energy healing. Once a week the baby would come to the Center to receive light energy emanation healing. Three and half months later, he went back to the hospital for a physical examination. The X-rays revealed that one of the holes in his heart had already closed up. When a little more than four months old, the baby took refuge in the Grand Masters and became the youngest student of Mahayana Zengong. The two Grand Masters performed “Medicine Buddha’s Increasing Longevity Empowerment” during the seminar presentation. After receiving the empowerment, we all witnessed that his eyes went through an obvious change for the better. He grew two baby teeth when he was six months old and he could crawl and sit up when he was seven months old. His growth rate was faster than the average baby. His crying was loud and strong. When he was seven months old, he learned swimming. Everyone seemed to forget that the baby still had a hole in his heart. (Note: when the baby reaches three years old, if the remaining hole in his heart does not close up, then heart surgery would be required.)

            Now, the baby is one year old. He is cute and lovely, but is pretty naughty. He is the most beloved one in our Center as everyone here loves to hold him and play with him. Every one likes to have a wet kiss from the baby. The most exciting change is that the characteristic facial features of “Down’s Syndrome” are gradually disappearing as he grows up.

            Sister Lin suffered from cerebral atrophy for six years. Under the strong recommendation from brother Tson-Yang Chen and sister Hui-Fin Yu, she came to the Center and asked for healing. Her condition was so severe that her hands and feet were shaking violently beyond control. She could neither stand up for long or kneel down. She could not walk without assistance. Of course she could not steadily hold anything. She depended entirely on others to conduct her daily activities such as trivial matters like drinking water and having meals. In the beginning she was too weak to practice Chi-Kung. So she received the light energy emanation healing twice a week. Four weeks later, her physical strength had improved enormously, so she decided to join the Conditioned Class to study Mahayana Zengong and Buddha Dharma. During this period of time, I asked her to come to Da-Neng Buddhist Center twice a week to receive healing and practice. Her daily assignments were to recite “Homage to Buddha and Confessional Prayer” ten times and chant the Nine-Syllable-Mantra 1,000 times a day. Brother Tson-Yang Chen went to her house once a week to help her practice, and gave her healing too. After diligently practicing and receiving healing for five months, her condition improved by approximately 40%. This October, when Grand Master Shan-Fo came to the US for a teaching event, sister Lin enrolled in the Beginning Class and received light energy emanation directly from Grand Master. She has been making impressive progress. Now, she can finish the whole routine of the First and Second Level Chi-Kung exercises. She is able to make prostrations and walk under her own power. She eats and drinks by herself and does simple chores at home. She has good control over her left hand at will. We all hope that she will recover fully in the future.

            The marvelous Mahayana Zengong teachings allow us to attain “Unity of Body and Mind” and “Perfection of Essence and Application”. Furthermore, under the guidance of the two Grand Masters we can quickly realize the harmony of our Mind-Body. By devotedly practicing Mahayana Zengong, we can see our Buddha nature face to face. With our meditation power we can help free others from sorrow and sickness. Let us propagate the profound Mahayana Zengong as it is an expedient Dharma Gateway to introduce Buddhist practices to sentient beings. I briefly present three healing cases to illustrate the profound Dharma Gateway of Mahayana Zengong.

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by Robert Wu of Los Angeles


            The Los Angeles Da-Neng Buddhist Center of the US Mahayan Zengong Academic Society has maintained a Web site (http://www.zengong.org), which provides information about the teachings of Mahayana Zengong and the lectures and publications of the two Grand Masters.

            Edwin, a practitioner in Malaysia, visited our Web site sometime in March 2000. He learned that Mahayana Zengong claims that its teaching allows one to learn how to do healing on oneself as well as healing others. Therefore, he sent us an e-mail message to request a Remote-Healing service for him and expressed his interest in buying videotapes about the QiGong (Chi-Kung) exercises. He was a little over forty years old and had been practicing spiritual cultivation for more than twenty years. He has experienced joint inflammation all over his body for ten years. He had difficulty in carrying out daily physical activities. It was difficult for him even to squat. Every movement caused him to endure severe pain in all his joints. He also suffered from intermittent chills and fever. His heart showed symptoms of hardening arteries. According to his doctor, he had a serious illness in his blood, which the doctor did not understand.

            To avoid wasting time in translation back and forth between the healer and the patient, I decided to handle this case myself. In April 2000, Grand Master Shan-Fo with his teaching team came to Los Angeles to give us an intensive Dharma Teaching. I asked his advice about this case. Grand Master instructed me to perform Remote Healing for half an hour a day for five consecutive days and then decide what to do next. After setting a synchronized time between Malaysia and LA, Edwin and I began the healing meditation together. In the very first healing session, an image appeared in my mind. The facial expression and complexion of that image was clear and appeared to be quite calm. Subsequently, I began to feel chilly all over my body, especially around the Ming-Men point (i.e., the lower back area). I felt that the left side of my body was colder than my right side. My left hip turned out to be stiff and continuously painful. Then it spread to my right knee and the right side of my neck. After the healing session I immediately wrote him an e-mail to briefly describe what I felt during the performance of Long Distance Remote Healing. He quickly replied and acknowledged that the diagnoses were quite accurate and that he felt warmth and bodily vibration during the healing session. Afterwards, the pains in his swollen joints significantly subsided. So we congratulated and praised each other in the ensuing communications. I congratulated him because of his excellent visualization on Emptiness. I told him that his ailments could be greatly improved if he could strengthen and cultivate his Dan-Tien energy. With the positive results and the developments of strong spiritual brotherhood between us, we continued the healing meditation five days every week. After he received the text of “Unifying Yin-Yang in Samadhi”, “Constantly Turning the Wheel of Dharma”, and two translated books of Grand Master Shan-Fo, he began to appreciate the profoundness of the Mahayana Zengong teachings and praised it.

            As time passed by, not only his physical condition steadily improved, the clarity and awareness of his meditation experiences deepened and were far better than before. The swelling in his joints disappeared completely. The symptoms of intermittent chills and fever did not happen again. He began to feel the Qi (Chi) energy circulating along the Ren (the front meridian) and the Du (the back meridian) channels of the microcosmic orbit. In his inward introspection, each Chakra in the Central Channel displayed its unique color with a degree of radiance and clarity that he had never experienced before. His fellow practitioners, relatives, and friends were shocked at the drastic transformation of his physical and mental outlook.

            I told him that in the LA Center there were at least a dozen of my fellow practitioners who were of higher caliber than I, and there were even more talented practitioners in Taiwan. Furthermore, to compare my achievement to that of the two Grand Masters was like the radiance given out by a firefly to that of the Sun. Evidently he was so impressed that he hoped the people in Malaysia could have the great fortune of receiving the profound Mahayana Zengong teachings. In September 2000, he and his fellow practitioners made a formal invitation requesting both Grand Masters to spread and preach Dharma in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With their unconditional compassion the Grand Masters immediately granted their request. A plan to establish the twentieth Center of Mahayana Zengong in Kuala Lumpur was set to take place in early February 2001. The Dharma connection between LA and Kuala Lumpur through a long distance remote healing was firmly established; thus the profound Mahayana Zengong teaching spread to South Asia.







(Translator’s note: Two Public Meetings were held in the Pearl International Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, on the third and fourth of February, 2001. About 250 students enrolled for the eight-evening intensive classes.)

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by Yu-Chung Hsu of Taipei


The teaching of Mahayana Zengong encompasses the unity of essence and application. I have practiced it for more than ten years. The benefits from it upon my physical, mental, personality, and perspective of life are beyond description. The essential teachings and their effects are even harder to express in words.

The first experience of every new endeavor is always the most memorable one. I vividly remember that the first time after I learned the Relieving of Mental Shock, I showed off to my sisters and claimed that I could perform Relieving of Mental Shock to anyone regardless of their age. My folks treated it like a joke and burst into laughter.

I did not have a chance to try it for a long time until, back in 1993, my third eldest sister told me that a daughter of her friend had continuously cried for three days and nights. The whole family did not know what to do and could not have a moment of peace. Through my sister they asked me if I could do the Relieving of Mental Shock as I had claimed. To tell the truth, although I said yes, I did not have any confidence at all, because I had never done it before.

As soon as I arrived at friend’s building, I silently recited Homage to Buddha and the Confessional Prayer in my mind and physically practiced the Regulation of Breathing a couple of times to strengthen my Chi energy. After chatting with them, I went directly to the baby’s room. I saw a baby girl lying on the bed. Perhaps she was tired and exhausted due to excessive crying. She was sleepy yet could not fall asleep. She occasionally moved or wiggled a bit. Once, she heard the noise caused by my entering the room, and she burst into tears. That alerted her grandma, who hurriedly entered the room, picked her up, and rocked her tenderly. But it did not help. The parents and my sister got into the room about the same time. That was how the family had lived for the past three days. When the baby was too tired to cry, they got a break. As soon as there was noise, the baby cried again and they would rush in trying to comfort her.

No sooner had I started performing Relieving of Mental Shock when a smile appeared on the baby’s face. The baby girl immediately fell asleep while the mother held her in her arms. There were still teardrops hanging loosely at the corner of her eyes! The baby’s father, grandma and my sister stood right beside me, and we were all in disbelief. How come it was so effective and so fast!  They expected that I would spend at least half an hour reciting Sutras and shaking bells or something. But it was all done in a few minutes. So inconceivable, the grandma was in a state of shock with her mouth wide open. A murmur of thanks broke from grandma’s lips. How come it is so easy?

Mike (the baby’s father) related what happened to his little girl. It all started when he took his girl to the bathroom, she got a shock due to the loud noise from the slamming door. Since then when Mike held her, she burst into tears right away. However, if her mother held her, his girl would just cry a little or did not cry at all.

            Later, I was told that the baby girl slept all day and all night that day. Everything was all right after she woke up. I learned a few lessons from this precious experience. The most important one was that I strengthened my unshakable faith regarding Mahayana Zengong teachings and Ben Shi’s blessings.

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