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When I was in high school reading the Four Great Books, one of the sages said: “I can not bear to see them die while seeing them being alive; I can not bear to eat their meat while hearing their dying voices. Therefore Gentlemen stays far away from kitchen.” At the time I asked my high school teacher whether all the ancient sages were vegetarians and abstained from killing. “No. It is just that they cannot bear it in their hearts. They have a heart which cannot bear to see the sufferings of others. They still have to eat meat but they keep away from the kitchen where the brutal killing is carried out and the animal’s terrified screams can be heard.” That was my teacher’s answer. Because of that I always doubted that the sages of old did actually possess a benevolent heart.

After I graduated from university and was studying Buddhism, I attended a lecture given by a Buddhist master who refused to answer the question of whether Buddhists can kill mosquitoes, insects, and venomous rodents. At that time I felt that at least the Confucian sages were more direct in facing the issue.

A couple of years ago I was listening to a recorded lecture by Venerable Hui Lu. When asked whether Buddhists could kill mosquitoes, flies, and cockroaches, he answered with a flat “No.” The student was relentless and questioned what can be done? These insects were nuisance and annoying in our living activities and even during our sleep. “Before you spray insecticide, tell the insects that they must go away. Otherwise, it is the insects that are actually killing themselves. You are not killing them. So, ask the insects to go far away!” I felt that Venerable Hui Lu’s reply actually maintained the Buddhist precept of abstention from killing, while it also took care of the practical problems of daily life.

Buddha Shakyamuni was an ascetic sage in many of His past lives. Without any trace of anger He was willing to be killed by King Goli. In another life He was willing to sacrifice Himself to feed a hungry tiger and vowed to liberate the tiger after He attained Buddhahood. Every time I remember these stories I am deeply moved by the greatness of His vow of abstention from killing no matter what.

In the well known movie “Shaolin Temple” there was a scene showing the Shaolin monks facing a massacre situation. They decided to lift the abstention from killing in order to face the enemy in battle. I wondered to myself whether it is right to relinquish this vow, or whether they should meet their death willingly. What would I do if I were to face the same situation?

When I watched News reports and saw terrorists senselessly shooting innocent people in public places, I wondered if I were standing behind them with a gun and could stop them from killing innocents by shooting them to death, would that be right?

In the movie “The Longest Day”, a soldier was fatally wounded and in great pains, he asked his buddy to shot him to put him out of misery. Is it right to do that? I suppose I would make an immediate judgement in such a situation, but there seems to be no way I would have the answer in advance.

So, the Kaohsiung student asked me the above-mentioned question regarding whether it is all right to kill mosquitoes, etcetera. The student was obviously touched by my compassionate answer. He said that he had asked many respectful monks but none was willing to definitely answer him. He was extremely appreciative and impressed with my definitive answer.

All beings, no matter whether they are born of the womb (mammalia), the egg (oviparous), moisture (water-born), or metamorphic (manifestation or transformation), are born due to their karmic conditions – the conditions of causation. Because of these causal conditions there is the unending cycle of rebirth. If one is in fact able to neutralize their death karma and also deliver them to a higher spiritual level of existence, these beings will be grateful rather than bearing hatred in their hearts.

Students of Mahayana Zengong who have reached the advanced classes can perform the Spiritual Liberation Method in delivering non-human beings. When the Spiritual Liberation Method is used to deliver a being, the practitioner must be able to unify himself/herself with Buddha and the universe as one. So, with the blessing of Buddha the being can be delivered and be reborn in the Pureland of Ultimate Bliss (Pureland in short) to continue its further spiritual development.

There is a Mahayana Zengong student from Taoyuan. She is a junior high school teacher. On the evening of July 1st of the lunar calendar last year, her mother (seventy years old) suddenly suffered a serious stroke. Starting that evening and every night thereafter, the old lady would scream out loudly in the middle of the night, a loud shrieking cat-like scream, which scared and annoyed the neighbors. The family sought helps from Western doctors, Traditional Chinese doctors, and even psychics and exorcists. The medical attention continued for ten days but to no avail. Every night the cat-like shrieks would continue.

Fortunately, the annual Spiritual Liberation & Deliverance Ceremony was held on July 15th. After I performed the Spirit Liberation method for her, she did not suffer from the cat shrieks anymore. It became known to us later that when the old lady was pregnant, according to family tradition, she drank cat’s blood as a nutritional supplement. In all she drank the blood of dozens of cats. This could be seen as past karma ripening in the present life.

Another student of mine from Taichung, General Wang was in the hospital having his fifth time intestinal surgery when he fell into a life threatening coma. After he regained consciousness he vowed that he would follow his teacher and dedicate his remaining life to promoting Buddhism and benefitting all sentient beings. His health conditions were amazingly improved. After he went home, however, he started experiencing strange pains where he had the surgery everyday.

One night General Wang and his son, a National Chiao Tung University student, had the same dream. A long haired woman wanted to take the General’s life. The student asked the spirit: “Why do you want to take my father’s life?” “I am here following orders to take back the debt of a life,” the long haired woman replied. When asked who she was, the long haired woman said her name was Bi Chi. General Wang and his son asked me to deliver this female spirit. So I performed the Deliverance of Deceased Beings method. I succeeded in having this female spirit, Bi Chi, delivered to the Pureland to continue her development there. After that the General suffered no more pains. The female spirit was never again seen by him or his son.

A Taipei woman, who is the cousin of the Canadian Overseas Chinese Community leader, Professor Han-Hsin Wen, has felt someone sleeping beside her every night since she was eighteen. She did not feel the entity to be malevolent. From time to time she even received guidance in dealing with daily activities from “him”. So, she was not afraid or troubled by this experience. Even after she got married, “he” would continue sleeping beside her. Whenever she was enjoying intimacy with her husband in the bedroom, there would always be noisy sounds of objects dropping on the floor. But since “he” continued helping her, she tolerated “his” company. This continued for some twenty years.

In January of this year, a Buddhist friend of hers took her to the Di Zang (Ktsigarbha) Temple in Taipei because she did not feel well. Considering the possibility that her illness was caused by a spirit, they asked the Buddhist master to perform the Deliverance for deceased souls. From that night on a spirit would ride atop her every night in sexual union. She could not move but the sensation of sexual experience felt very real. This continued nightly for several months.

When I saw her in a two-day Zen Retreat held at the Taipei Mahayana Zengong Center, her complexion was very pale and she seemed to be suffering from nervous exhaustion. Professor Wen asked what we could do, to which I said that I had to perform the Deliverance Ceremony. After the performance her spirit companion of twenty years had vanished! It has been a year without any further occurrence. It turned out that the spirit was her husband from the previous life. Since strong karmic connections were maintained, the “husband” sought her out and stayed with her in this life although “he” was disembodied. After the karmic forces had been resolved, “he” moved on to continue his spiritual development.

The Di Zang Wang (Ktsigarbha) Bodhisattva vowed to deliver all souls, spirits, ghosts, and demons. His great vow reads: “While hell is not empty, I refrain from becoming a Buddha!” This unconditional compassionate vow has been retold for ages.

Should any Mahayana Zengong disciples practice diligently according to the teachings, they will attain high level meditation and they will have the ability to deliver sentient beings to Purelands. Therefore, the more Mahayana Zengong students there are, the more spirits and ghosts will benefit!

(c) USMZAS 1998


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Many Buddhists often ask me: “Is Mahayana Zengong Buddhism?” “Does Mahayana Zengong offer Chi-Kung teachings?” “Are there Chi-Kung teachings in Buddhism?” I can definitely tell you that Mahayana Zengong was transmitted by the sagely Zen Master Miao Kong in the early days of the Republic of China. It is a systematic and progressive teaching that allows us to accomplish mind awakening, realization of Self-nature and leads to the attainment of Buddhahood in this lifetime. Master Miao Kong had two disciples, one a monk and the other a lay person. The venerable monk was an Elder of Mt. E-Mei in Sichuan. Unfortunately, he did not have any successor. The lay person was our Second Patriarch, Yuen-Dao Bodhisattva. Mahayana Zengong offers teachings on Chi-Kung practices, Buddhism philosophy and Zen meditation. In fact, Buddhism is considered the principal doctrines, meditation is the method and Chi-Kung practice is a complementary mean.

Is it true that there are no Chi-Kung teachings in Buddhism? The Zen school emphasizes the three key points of practice as mentioned above. The Tantric school stresses cultivation of wind (Chi), channels, and drops in order to achieve unification of body, speech, and mind and to attain inner self-realization. The Tien-Tai school (Tendai, in Japanese) teaches Chi and breathing training by means of its “Six Wonderful Ways of Dhyana” which include breathe- counting and breathe-following methods. It is well known that the First Patriarch of the Zen school, Bodhidharma, taught “internal Kung Fu” in the Shaolin Temple.

Many Buddhists today mainly emphasize sutra study and mind development. They tend to ignore the training of body and breathing and meditation. Because they are unwilling to take these teachings into consideration they miss the opportunity to develop their potential to fullest. If a practitioner only emphasizes the aspect of understanding the essence of true reality, but not the aspect of its appearance and application, the outcome is obviously not the promised one. Without physiological cultivation the essence of the mind will not be able to manifest anything. The appearance and application in turn cannot be fully displayed. What a sad loss!

The Teaching leading to mind awakening, Self-nature realization, and enlightenment

Zen Master Miao Kong in the early 1910’s transmitted the Mahayana Zengong teachings which include eight levels of mind development and nine levels of physiological cultivation. The first three levels of the latter are all Chi-Kung practices which provide the basis for cultivating the Chi and training the body. These are the foundation for mind development and attainment of realization. If a practitioner ignores these fundamental practices and tries to concentrate on ultimate practices, he/she is truly placing the horse before the cast. The expectation of attaining enlightenment in this life will be something like “looking for fish by climbing trees!”

The first level of physiological cultivation includes seventeen dynamic exercises and one sitting meditation. This is to achieve the three objectives of training the breathing, the body and the mind. There are two purposes for the practice of dynamic exercises. The first is to open all Chi energy channels in order to improve the health and get rid of illness. The other purpose is to strengthen the Chi energy to rejuvenate oneself.

The second level has five dynamic exercises which serve to train the ability of absorbing cosmic energy, emanating Chi energy and using Chi energy at will. The third level is to fully activate all Chi energy channels and to be able to heal oneself and others by remote healing. Combining the fourth level of physiological cultivation and the first level of the mind development allows one to achieve three functions: 1) to cultivate the unity of the ten greatnesses, 2) to transform Chi energy into mind energy and to unify the physical, mental, and universal energies, and 3) to develop remote healing abilities which transcend space and time.

The prerequisite for undertaking the fourth level of physiological cultivation is to fully open all energy channels, knots, and chakras. As such, the meditation practices and the manifestation of the Dharmakaya will become easier. The practice of the first to the fourth levels of physiological cultivation allows one to open up all channels for Chi to freely flow through the entire body. There are four stages, each of which has three aspects. So, I will briefly describe all twelve aspects in the following.

The beginning stage of Chi-Opening

The beginning Chi-Opening means the opening of Chi channel in a particular or isolated area of the body. It can be categorized in three aspects: 1) Chi Sensations, 2) Chi Movement, and 3) Movement of Chi energy along lines or channels. In practicing Zen meditation and Chi- Kung one will be able to cultivate, strengthen, and store abundant Chi energy in the Dan Tien (navel) area. As a result, the bodily sensitivity will be gradually enhanced. When Chi channels become partially opened, one will experience the existence of Chi inside the body with sensations such as heat, numbness, coolness, prickling, or vibration. These experiences indicate the achieving of the first aspect of Chi-Opening, that is, the experience of Chi Sensations.

As one makes further progresses in both Chi energy in the Dan Tien and Chi-Opening through meditation practices and dynamic exercises, one will undoubtedly experience different sensations. For example, when the whole body is in a relaxed state one will be able to sense the movement of Chi. During meditation one’s body may rotate from left to the right and vice versa, may move forwards or backwards, may move left or right, or jump up and down. These phenomena signify the aspect of Chi Movement.

Chi Movement is a necessary landmark made on the path of meditative and Chi-Kung development. The greater the Chi energy the greater the Chi movement. There is no need to be alarmed even when the body movement is extremely vigorous. Simply let it run its course and stop by itself.

There is another form of Chi Movement which seems to be more inspirational. Occasionally, one may display different mudras (hand posture) or perform an exercise routine which was never consciously learned before. Or, one may tap, strike or slap various areas of one’s own body which evidently promotes energy flow and/or relieves stress caused by previous injury to the area. These are known as movement of spirit Chi-Opening and have very effective therapeutic results. It can normally be classified into self-spirit Chi movement and other-spirit Chi movement. The self-spirit Chi movement is a sign of the emerging activity of one’s Dharmakaya. Many of the movements are performed subconsciously. Whether be it singing or speaking a foreign tongue that has never been learned. All the while the person is vividly wakeful and can stop the movement any time he/she wants.

If the body movement or activity, however, cannot be voluntarily controlled by the practitioner, then it is called other-spirit Chi movement. This can often be seen in spirit mediums who host “walk-ins”. If an individual has impure motivation, practices recklessly, or has heavy karmic debts, he/she is prone to such other-spirit attachment. In such cases the individual should perform the method of “Exorcising Evil Spirits of the Great Wish-Fulfilling Palm” to cleanse it. Otherwise, one may result in a long term psychological instability.

Further, there is another type of strong Chi movement called levitation. Under extreme condition when there is too much Chi energy, one may actually rise from the floor and lower back down again during the meditative state. There are three kinds of levitation, i.e., the vertical levitation, horizontal levitation and aerial flight. The aerial flight is possible only for those who have achieved higher than the third Bhumi of the Bodhisattva. That is because it requires that one be able to freely transform between matter and energy.

The third aspect is the Movement of Chi energy along lines or channels. When a given energy channel is gradually opened up one will correspondingly feel the development of sensation along that particular channel. One is now able to gradually experience heat, numbness, coolness, or prickling sensations throughout an entire energy channel instead of just in an isolated area. All the above belong to the three aspects of the first stage of Chi energy cultivation.

The second stage of Chi-Opening: to open the Ren and Du Channels

There are physiological changes associated with the second stage of Chi-Opening. In this stage the primary goal is to open the Ren (the Conception or the front meridian) and the Du (the Governor or the back meridian) channels of the body. In the Taoist school the opening of the microcosmic orbit refers to the free flow of Chi energy between the Ren and the Du channels. There are three aspects, i.e., the skin clearance, spinal column clearance, and spontaneous circulation.

In the Taoist school, their primarily objective is the opening of the microcosmic orbit, that is, the Ren and Du channels. If the Chi energy in the Dan Tien is not sufficiently strong, one can use one’s mental power to direct the available Chi energy to circulate in the microcosmic orbit. If one is able to sense that there is Chi energy truly flowing along the orbit according to one’s command, then it is called Chi-Opening on the skin surface. If the Chi can penetrate and travel inside the spinal column by means of mind control and one can feel apparent sensations of heat, cold or numbness circulating along the Ren and Du channels, then it is called spinal column clearance.

During meditation or when the body is relaxed, if Chi energy automatically circulates the microcosmic orbit without any mental manipulation one can then declare that the Ren and Du channels are truly opened. There are practitioners who claim that they have achieved full circulation of the Chi energy in microcosmic orbit. Actually that may not be correct if their sensational experiences resulted from mental manipulation of Chi energy. Under this situation, the achievement can only be equivalent to that of skin clearance.

The third Stage Chi-Opening

In this stage all Chi channels, knots, and chakras throughout the body are opened. That is, Chi energy is able to freely flow through all microchannels (capillary circulation). In Taoist terminology this is called the full opening of the macrocosmic orbit. There are three different aspects associated with this stage of cultivation. The first aspect is Sensation Clearance for which one feels as if all the energy channels of the body are active. When energy is absorbed, the entire body feels hot, numb, or tingling sensation. This is the first aspect of the third stage Chi-Opening. When practicing meditation or Chi-Kung, one is able to use mind power to guide Chi energy to any chosen point and then perform emanation or absorption of energy. Of this it is said that one has achieved a state where “the entire body can function as a Dan Tien”. This is the second aspect of the third stage. If during meditation or Chi-Kung practice, one can freely emanate energy to or absorb energy from any two or more specified points, then one accomplishes the third aspect of the third stage. This indicates that all energy channels have been completely opened without obstacles. Nowadays, most Chi-Kung practitioners are able to achieve Chi-Opening up to the first and second stages. Very few reach this third stage.

The fourth Stage Chi-Opening

The fourth stage is the attainment of spiritual, beatific Chi-Opening. At this stage one is free to display and manifest the potentiality of the Dharmakaya. It is the opening of the intangible channels of our subtle body. It is the ripening of the innate potentiality after one actualizes the Buddha nature.

This is the stage of spiritual development that has been reached when one has completely relinquished the Three Minds and Four Appearances. He/She is truly free from deluded concepts of an ego, personality, beings and a life and has transcended the bondage of ego- grasping, phenomenon-grasping and emptiness-grasping. The Buddha nature is constantly in the state of unborness and calm abiding tranquility. Should a loving and compassionate thought arise, however, it will accordingly, spontaneously display and manifest with the intrinsic supernatural powers.

When one has fully actualized the first Bhumi of the Bodhisattva, the Six Supernatural Powers are spontaneously fulfilled. When one enters the third Bhumi of the Bodhisattva, he/she has attained the ability to freely transform matter and energy. He/She is able to emanate and manifest subtle bodies and put the Six Supernatural Powers to miraculous use and application. At such time the spiritual, beatific channel is fully opened and fully functional.

(Translator’s note: This article was first appeared in the Buddhist Newsweek, no. 145, March 8, 1993).

(c) USMZAS 1998

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Thanks to Professor Han-Hsin Wen, the leader of the overseas Chinese community in Vancouver, Mahayana Zengong is being taught in Canada. In three separate trips we gave a total of five public presentations and benefitted thousands of people in Vancouver, Canada. Now there are about one hundred students in the Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Classes. Over fifty of them are capable of performing remote healing.

Remote healing cures difficult chronic illnesses

Professor Wen has been my good friend for over twenty years. He and his family emigrated and settled in Canada. Many years had gone by since we last met. It was October 1987 when Professor Wen returned to Taiwan leading a group of overseas Chinese to attend the National Day Celebrations. He came to visit me at the Mahayana Zengong headquarter.

When Professor Wen saw me teaching Mahayana Zengong, Chi-Kung, and Remote Healing, he was quite surprised. When he left Taiwan I had not yet begun studying Mahayana Zengong. He knew that I could not perform Chi-Kung healing before. And now, ten years later I became a Chi-Kung master. In fact, Professor Wen himself had practiced martial arts since he was young. His Iron Head and Iron Palm techniques had been cultivated to a very high level. He did not know that one could perform Remote Healing by practicing Chi-Kung. Or, after practicing Mahayana Zengong for a few years, one could become an accomplished Chi-Kung master and Zen instructor.

In order to try me out, he asked me to heal his sphincter pains and chronic diarrhea. Without making direct contact with his body I applied the Great Wish-Fulfilling Palm and emitted healing energy onto his stomach. About five minutes later I stopped and asked him if he could feel anything. He said that he could not. So, I asked him if he was concentrating as instructed, to which he replied that he was not. Therefore, I asked him to concentrate on his painful areas and I performed healing again. In the next 10-minute healing period, he was concentrating on his painful areas while receiving the healing energy from me. When the time was up, he said that his sphincter felt hot. He could feel warm energy circulating throughout his body. His whole body was sweating and felt very comfortable all over.

A few days later he told me that his chronic sphincter pains and diarrhea had apparently gone. There had been no recurrence since then. Furthermore, he requested me to heal his high blood pressure. Once again I entered into a state of deep concentration and applied the Great Wish-Fulfilling Palm above his crown. I asked him to cooperate by concentration and visualization. After ten minutes he told me that his headache had completely gone.

The following day, he went to the Taipei Veteran’s General Hospital for his scheduled blood pressure check and to get his prescription. Amazingly, his blood pressure was found to be absolutely normal for his age. After this encouraging news, I taught him several forms of exercise to maitain his blood pressure in normal condition. I asked him to practice every day.

Professor Wen returned for the National Day celebrations the following year and told me that his decade old diarrhea problem had been completely cured and never recurred since then. His blood pressure was now normal except when he worked late or was physically exhausted. Because of all these wonderful results, he invited me to Canada to spread the teachings of Mahayana Zengong to benefit the people in Vancouver.

In April 1991, we conducted the first Mahayana Zengong Remote Healing public presentation in Vancouver, Canada. I organized a teaching team which consisted of Grand Master Shan-Yin, Dr. Chun-Shen Li, Instructor Han Lin and several Advanced Class students. Neither the study of Buddhism nor Chi-Kung practices was popular in Vancouver. Surprisingly, three hundred people attended the public presentation and Chi-Kung demonstration. We performed Remote Healing and light empowerment for the audience as usual. As a result, many who suffered serious chronic diseases were healed. However, only a few dozen enrolled in the course.

Intercontinental Long Distance Remote Healing

During May 1991, Professor Wen was diagnosed as having Bell’s palsy at the Taipei Veteran’s General Hospital. It was caused by a virus infection in his right ear. As a result, he lost control of his facial muscles, that is, a partial facial paralysis. It would normally take four to eight months to recover. Because of the medical expenses Professor Wen immediately returned to Canada for further diagnosis and treatment. He was given the very same diagnosis and prognosis for recovery by Canadian physicians.

After I made contact with Professor Wen in Canada, I arranged to give him two treatments using Long Distance Remote Healing from Taiwan. I gave him two more treatments while I was in Los Angeles during August 1991. After a total of four sessions he informed me that he already felt over ninety percent cured.

According to Professor Wen, each time I performed Long Distance Remote Healing for him, he always felt his face numb and hot as if many ants were crawling over it. After each healing session, the affected facial area became more flexible, active and lively. I want to mention an interesting episode that occurred during the fourth treatment when I performed the remote healing from Los Angeles. At the time Professor Wen was hosting eight Taiwanese overseas students. Each of them was suffering from one type of illness or another. Professor Wen instructed them to quietly sit around him and to think hard on the troubled areas. However, I was not told of this in advance. During the course of fifteen minutes remote healing, I felt many areas of my body were extremely uncomfortable. That was very different from the three previous occasions. So I called him up to find out what was going on. Only then did I find out what had happened. Professor Wen told me that almost all the students who gathered around him had their ailments completely cured. It was truly amazing!

The second trip to Canada was made in September 1991. On the third trip to Canada we conducted two public presentations during February 1992. Over four hundred people attended and received Remote Healing and light empowerment. We offered new courses for the Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Classes. About one hundred students enrolled.

After three teaching trips in Canada, there is now excitement and an increasing trend to study Buddhism and practice Chi-Kung in the overseas Chinese community in Vancouver, Canada.

(Translator’s note: This article first appeared in the Buddhist Newsweek, no. 134, July 13, 1992).

(c) USMZAS 1998

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Since my first visit to Los Angeles in January 1990 to open the Bodhi Hall, I have been in USA six times and held ten public presentation demonstrations which benefitted thousands of people. More than three hundred people have taken part in the Mahayana Zengong intensive courses. Many of them suffered from different serious and chronic diseases and were healed either by the blessings of empowerment or through the practice of Mahayana Zengong. My first student in America was Mr. Jia-Ping Fu. He was initially a Taiwanese student in America. He later decided to settle down and work in USA. His wife, mother-in-law, sister and brother-in-law were all devoted Buddhists and were students of Venerable Jing Kong. Both Jia-Ping and his wife were very interested in Chi-Kung. In fact, Jia-Ping was an instructor under Qi Gong Master Gao-Yun in Los Angeles for many years. They practiced several forms of Chinese Qi Gong including the Chi-opening methods of Microcosmic and Macrocosmic orbits and self-activated Chi energy. Back in October of 1988, General Tan visited his relatives in USA. Mr. Fu introduced him to the Mainland Chinese Qi Gong practices. Because of his tight schedule General Tan did not have time to take the lessons. One year later, in October of 1989, Mr. Jia-Ping Fu and his family visited their relatives in Taiwan. Mr. Fu also paid a visit to General Tan. The General asked him about his Chi-Kung practices. Mr. Fu answered “All my Chi channels are cleared.” “Let me have a look” said the General. Then, General Tan closed his eyes to “look” at him and said “You have developed about twenty percent of your Chi channels.” Mr. Fu was astonished that the General was able to make this observation. Following that, General Tan projected his Chi energy to Mr. Fu through different parts of his body. Each time Mr. Fu’s body would respond with a shaking motion as if he were reacting to a strong shock or high energy transmissions. Mr. Fu was very envious of General Tan who a year before had not had any Chi-Kung training. Now, General Tan could emit Chi energy and was able to “see” the Chi energy of other people with his eyes closed. Mr. Fu himself could not do any of these things even though he had taken Chi-Kung practices from several masters. He asked General Tan whom he had been studying with. “I learn Mahayana Zengong from Grand Master Shan-Fo.” On that evening General Tan brought him to me. After receiving my light empowerment, Mr. Fu was so impressed that he immediately registered in the Beginning Class of Mahayana Zengong.

My first class in Los Angeles In January of 1990, Grand Master Shan-Yin and I set up the first Mahayana Zengong center in USA beginning with six students – Mr. and Mrs. Fu and their friends. At that time, we did not publicize our teaching. In May of 1991, it was the first time that we held a public presentation of Mahayana Zengong Remote Healing and more than four hundred people attended. About two thirds of the audience experienced very strong Chi energy from my empowerment. There was astonishment and enthusiastic appreciation from those in the audience who were seasoned students of Buddhism and Chi-Kung practitioners. Grand Master Shan-Yin, myself and Mr. and Mrs. Fu repeatedly gave healing empowerment to the audience. Many of the audience had profound responses to the healing as many of their pains were relieved right away. In Los Angeles there are many Chi-Kung masters from Mainland China. They teach various types of Chi-Kung and meditation. Occasionally, they would perform healing empowerment and normally they would take half a day to restore their energies. They are extremely reluctant to teach the general public how to do healing empowerment. After the presentations, sixty eight people registered for the Mahayana Zengong class and most of them had practiced Chi-Kung and/or Buddhism for many years. However, none of them was able to emit Chi energy or perform healing empowerment. In contrast to that, Mr. and Mrs. Fu had only studied Mahayana Zengong for half a year and were able to conduct remote healing. In the presentations both Mr. and Mrs. Fu performed healing for more than ten people with beneficial results. That was really impressive. Many students enrolled for the class because of their convincing performances. The students showed great enthusiasm about the Mahayana Zengon teachings. The progress they made was amazing! A seventy years old retired engineer, Mr. Tong-Zeng Li, had suffered deafness in his right ear for twenty years. No doctors could help. After I gave him healing energy in the state of Da Zi Zai Light Emanation Samadhi for ten minutes, he was cured. A biochemist, Ms. Victoria Cheng, had suffered severe neck pain for more than ten years. Her neck pain resulted from work related problems. After having gone through different treatments and several therapeutic exercises from many renowned medical doctors and Chi-Kung masters, she was still no better off. However, she completely recovered after one session of healing empowerment from me.

Three hundred students up till now Mahayana Zengong has been offered to the public in Los Angeles for the last two years. The teaching trip to USA this January was the sixth time. There are many highly accomplished Mahayana Zengong students now. On that January trip we held a public presentation at the Lincoln Plaza Hotel, Monterey Park. It attracted some four hundred attendants. Among the ten students who took the stage to share their learning experiences and achievements were Dr. Chung-Yung Wu (Professor of Physics), Dr. Yo-Di Yang (Professor of Biology), Dr. Shu-An Sun (Medical Doctor, Director of a Medical Clinic) and seven others with Masters degrees. Twenty of our Research Class students demonstrated long distance (50 meters) healing to the audience. Forty students from the Advanced Class performed short distance remote healing. Almost one hundred percent of the audience said the healing was effective! In USA we now have a total of three hundred students registered in the various classes, namely the Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, Research, Specialty, and Mind-Awakening classes. There are about thirty of them who have the ability to perform remote healing from hundreds of miles away.

(Translator’s note: This article first appeared in the Buddhist Newsweek, no. 133, June 22, 1992.)

(c) USMZAS 1998

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In November of 1989, in accordance with my teacher’s wishes, I once again set off for Beijing to attend the “The International Medical Qi Gong Research Conference.” I presented my paper, entitled “The Clinical Application of Chi Energy Remote Healing.” Additionally, four of my students and I gave demonstrations of Long Distance and Short Distance Remote Healing in front of more than two thousand participants. They were mainly Chi-Kung masters and religious delegates from over forty countries. I myself empowered the entire audience with the Da Zi Zai Light Emanation. The astonishing response of the participants made the name of Mahayana Zengong known worldwide. The shadow of the “Tian An Men Incident” was still strongly lingering when we received the invitation from the Conference Committee. Because of the sincere invitation of the sponsor, the Beijing Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Mr. Ren Hua-Yen of the Foreign Affairs Department of China, we finally decided to accept the invitation. All China’s religious institutions were destroyed during the Great Cultural Revolution. Even though many temples and monasteries were being restored after 1978, they mainly became tourist attractions. The transmission of Buddhist teachings to the general public was rare. However, the practices of Zen and the Tibetan Tantric Buddhism still survived under the guise of Qi Gong teachings. Due to the extreme emphasis on materialism, most of the religious terminology had been changed to materialist nomenclature. For example, the term “soul” or “spirit” has been substituted with “residual message”. The “great compassionate water” became commonly known as the “message water”. The healing power of message water, ironically, was proven to be effective by the Chinese scientific community. Witnessing the effects of Buddhism’s destruction in China, I strengthened my determination to introduce Mahayana Zengong into China.

Short and Long Distance Remote Healing Methods During the six days of the Conference, almost one hundred papers were presented. Among them were reports from the Japanese Tantric Mahamudra school, Mainland Chinese Tantric and Zen schools, and dozens of other Buddhist and Taoist schools. Demonstrations were also given. The organizers made arrangement for me to present a paper and perform a demonstration. My paper was scheduled under Group Three, the well known “Supernormal Abilities” category. (This is a legitimate branch of scientific research in China which is comparable to the West’s paranormal research established by J. B. Rhine, but much broader in scope.) There were several hundred people who attended our session. After my presentation the audience asked several pointed questions such as: “What is the scientific principle underlying Long Distance Remote Healing?” and, “How is one trained to have this ability?” I explained that the underlying scientific principle of Remote Healing was the application of electromagnetic field and the effect of field resonance. The practitioner must realize a high level meditation so that he/she can cause the dharmakaya to expand outwardly. Only in this way could the electromagnetic field of the practitioner envelop that of the person being healed thousands of miles away. The interaction between the two magnetic fields created resonance effects resulting in energy exchange and balancing. Through the power of mental concentration, the discomforted area or illness of the individual was empowered and thus the healing effect could be achieved. When I completed my explanation, the audience erupted in a great round of appreciative applause. We were the twelfth group in line to perform Chi-Kung demonstration. There were two thousand people in the audience from forty countries. I divided the allocated twelve-minute demonstration into two segments. The first was the simultaneous performance of a Short Distance and a 100-meter Long Distance Remote Healing. Three of my students performed the Short Distance Remote Healing while I carried out the 100-meter Remote Healing with two volunteers from the audience. I simultaneously empowered both patients with my palms. After three minutes they testified to have a highly satisfactory healing effect. In the second phase demonstration, I entered the deep Da Zi Zai Light Emanation Samadhi to empower the entire audience for three minutes. I then asked how many people had felt my healing energy and more than eighty percent of the two thousand participants raised their hands. It was indeed a very successful demonstration.

A psychic saw golden light hitting the roof What really caught me by surprise was when I stepped off the stage, several hundred people rushed to me requesting my business card and/or taking photograph with me. Within five minutes all three hundred business cards were gone. There was a Chinese female Qi Gong master who held my hand and would not let go. She said: “Master, please teach me, alright?” “Why do you call me master?” I questioned. “It was incredible! I have never seen anything like it in forty years. I saw your entire body radiating strong golden light which was shooting through the roof!” “How could you see that?” “Since I was young I have always had psychic sight.” Therefore, she became my first student in Mainland China. Subsequently, there were some thirty people asking for healing. They were crammed from the side door to the hallway. I could not turn them away. So I started healing them one at a time for three minutes each. After I gave healing energy to the eighth person, many of the remaining people became impatient. They called out “Master, can you hurry up! Curfew starts at eleven and the Conference must conclude by ten-thirty. We are running out of time!” Thus, I asked them to bring two more chairs so that I could conduct healing three persons at a time by simultaneously emanating energy from my left and right palms and right foot. It took me less than an hour to finish healing all of them. The successful rate was one hundred percent! Thanks to¬† Buddha’s blessings and empowerment. The most interesting episode was the People’s Daily News reporter who asked me: “Excuse me master, are you a human or a divine being?” “Why do you ask me that?” “Mainland Qi Gong masters usually can only heal five people a day and then they need half a day to recover their energy and vitality. How is it that you can successively heal tens of people with incredible healing results?” “Of course I am a man. What I used in healing was Mahayana Zengong.” During the following days many VIPs visited and asked me for healing. Everyone expressed their complete satisfaction after I gave healing empowerment to them. Among these people were Madame Chen Lien-Jun, Director of the Garden Gymnastic Health Association in Singapore; a female Chi-Kung master from New York; the Chiefs of the Public Security Departments of Beijing, Anhui, and Zhejang. A Chi-Kung master from Russia also asked my healing. So, we can humbly said that Mahayana Zengong become known in Beijing.

(Translator’s note: This article first appeared in the issue of Buddhist Newsweek, no. 130, May 4, 1992.)

(c) USMZAS 1998

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empower1In October of 1988, I organized the Mahayana Zengong Mainland China Tour Group which consisted of sixteen members. We toured China for the first seven days and then participated in the five day First International Medical Qi Gong Exchange Conference in Beijing. Finally we took part in the ten day First International Medical Qi Gong Practitioner Training Program which was carried out under the auspices of the Conference Committee.

Chi energy is visible Six of the tour group members were my students while the remainder were their relatives and friends. We first went sightseeing in Guilin and Hangzou and then proceeded to Shanghai. Apart from sightseeing, we met with the Sixteen Arhats Qi Gong Association in Shanghai. A large group of their students performed Chi-Kung and mental telepathy demonstrations for us. We also visited their remote healing clinic. Later on, we visited the Shanghai Qi Gong Research Institute and its Qi Gong Clinic. The director of the Clinic, Mr. Chai, personally gave us a guided tour of the Clinic’s facilities. According to Mr. Chai, Mainland China’s scientific and medical communities had been heavily involving in the Chi-Kung research since 1987. Large scale research experiments would normally include scientists, Traditional Chinese medical doctors, Western medical doctors, and Chi-Kung masters. It may be important to mention that the father of Chinese Aerospace Science, Mr. Qian Xue-Shen, was a strong supporter of the interdisciplinary research project. Their research effort resulted in many scientific and clinic reports on Chi-Kung studies. Chi energy emitted by Chi-Kung masters were measured in terms of its wavelength and frequency. The techniques of Kirlian photography had been utilized to capture the light colors of Chi energy. The experimental findings and the clinical successes of Chi-Kung therapy have proveen that Chi-Kung should be placed in the fields of Human Life Sciences and Paranormal Studies. The Shanghai Qi Gong Clinic accepted cancer patients and patients suffering special serious chronic diseases from all over the country. In addition to the medical care of the Traditional Chinese and Western medical therapy, patients were given treatment by Chi-Kung masters and asked to practice Chi-Kung. Periodically patients also received remote healing. As a result, many of them fully recovered and were discharged from the Clinic. Our last stop was Beijing where my six students and I participated in the Conference. The remainder of the group went sightseeing. I submitted a research paper to the Conference Committee to take part in an oral presentation. When we got the conference program, I found out that my paper was not included. With the help from the Chairman of the Taiwanese group, Mr. Chang-Xin Wu, we found out from a committee member that my paper had not met the deadline. Later, we were told that my paper was too supernatural, and that the Conference Committee had kept it for further consideration. I was not at all satisfied with either of these explanations. However, since it was my first time in this country, I accepted the condition. I thought that the wonderful Mahayana Zengong and its benefits could never be seen and appreciated by the conference participants. The Conference was quite successful. There were more than two thousand participants from more than forty countries. After the Conference concluded, the First International Medical Qi Gong Practitioners Training Program was held. Participants of the Training Program received an Official Certificate stating that they were qualified Chi-Kung medical practitioners. So, six of my students and other two hundred people from Taiwan attended the program. They made up three-quarters of the entire training group. The opening ceremony of the Training Program was hosted by the Secretary General of the Conference Committee, Mr. He-Ting Gao, who was also the director of the Beijing Chinese Traditional Medicine Institute. During the ceremony there were scheduled Chi-Kung demonstrations by Chi-Kung masters. Because the arrangements were somewhat impromptu some of the Chi-Kung masters were unable to attend the ceremony. So I was asked to give a fifteen-minute demonstration. I took the opportunity to hand out my paper and briefly presented the paper for five minutes. Then, I gave remote healing to the audience for another five minutes. Five volunteers came up on stage. Their ailments included eye and nose diseases, shoulder and back pains and headaches. I gave each of them remote healing for one minute and the results were one hundred percent successful. For the final five minutes, I gave Chi and light empowerment to the entire audience. Then there were enormous applause and appreciation. After the demonstration, a large number of workers came up and asked me to give them Chi energy. The Conference Secretary, Madam Fu Li-le, told me privately that my Chi empowerment was extremely strong with excellent healing results. She invited me to attend the World Medical Qi Gong Plenary Conference to be held in October of the following year and to present my paper and give demonstrations. She also hoped that I could lead a team from Taiwan so that they could study and establish a Chi-Kung training program based on Mahayana Zengong. I explained to her that I could lead another tour. I said I would give some thought to the cooperative Qi Gong and Mahayana Zengong training program after I returned to Taiwan. For the remaining days of the Training Program, conference personnel addressed me as “Dashi”, meaning Grand Master. The Chi-Kung and Zen-Kung masters (more than one hundred) from Taiwan, who attended the program, held a very high regard for Mahayana Zengong. Many of them proclaimed that once they returned to Taiwan, they wanted to study Mahayana Zengong. There were also many Mainland Chinese and Taiwanese participants who requested my healing. I did my best to give them healing empowerment and all of them left very satisfied. Among them was the Public Relations Manager of the Ming Yuan Hotel, Mr. Duan Dan, who had suffered from chronic throat pain for about twenty years. After about ten minutes of healing, he had almost completely recovered. I also healed the General Manager’s stomach ache and the Sales Manager’s shoulder pains successfully.

Li Peng’s relatives express their gratitude with photographs One day before the end of the Training Program, when I was having a vegetarian dinner alone in my room, the Public Relations Manager of the Ming Yuan Hotel, Mr. Dan Duan, ran to me in a great hurry saying that he had been looking all over for me. He said that there were important people waiting to see me. They wanted me to give them remote healing to relieve their ailments. The individuals in question had received healing from three other Chi-Kung masters without clear benefits. I told him that my healing might not be effective too and could cause them further disappointment. He replied that he had complete confidence in me since I had cured his throat problem of twenty years, and that the people who wanted to see me were very important. They were the wife, daughter and son-in-law of the Chinese Premier Mr. Li Peng. Mr. Duan himself was a colleague of Mr. Li’s daughter. The previous unsuccessful appointments with Chi-Kung masters were arranged by Mr. Duan. Not only were the people thoroughly disappointed, he also felt that he let them down. He himself had lost face! He hoped that I could give a try to help them. I told him to invite them to come. Actually I was very anxious at that time and concerned that I too might disappoint them! After Mr. Duan Dan introduced Mr. Li Peng’s wife, her daughter and son-in-law to me, we took our seats. I briefly discussed the methodology of Mahayana Zengong and the development of Mahayana Zengong in Taiwan to Mrs. Li Peng, Madam Zhu Lin. After that, she explained that her daughter suffered from migraines. Her son-in-law had a chronic nose blockage. So she kindly requested my help. I entered into a deep concentrative meditation in the Da Zi Zai Light Emanation Samadhi and bestowed the blessing on her daughter for five minutes. When I noticed that her body started to sway slightly and her face turned radiant, I stopped. She said that her migraine had ended and that the energy was so strong that her entire body felt warm. I then proceeded to give healing to the son-in-law. After five minutes he stated that his nose was completely cleared, much to my great relief. Then they said their good byes and left. The following day, the Conference Secretary General, Mr. Gao, officially invited me to attend the next year’s conference and hoped that I could present my paper and perform public demonstrations. At Mr. Gao’s side was Mr. Duan Dan who told me that I was now famous and, that with Mr. Li Peng’s daughter proclaiming my healing ability, I would be more so. In three days, we all returned to Taiwan. Two months later, I received two photographs from our travel agency. The photographs showed me speaking with Mrs. Li Peng and healing her daughter.

(Translator’s note: This article first appeared in the Buddhist Newsweek, no. 129, April 20, 1992.)

(c) USMZAS 1998

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In July of 1988, I resigned my position as the head of the Sales Division of the Textile Association and concentrated on the work of teaching Mahayana Zengong. I set up the Kaohsiung Buddhist Center and organized a group to participate in the International Chi-Kung Conference in Mainland China. At that time we had centers in Taipei, Taoyuan, Taichung and Changhwa. In the beginning we did not have many students. Typically, we had twenty to thirty students per class. The total number of students was less than one thousand. Because there were not many students, they received very personal attention from me. When they requested healing I would personally help them. Many of their relatives and friends also came for healing. Thus, there were many healing cases.

Lots of successful cases One of my students, a bus driver called Yun-Yuan Chen, had hepatitis and was being treated in the Ren-Ai Hospital in Taiwan. At the time of his admission, his GPT count was 1795. It had dropped down to 875 by the time he was released. But, that was still 25 times higher than normal condition. After practicing Mahayana Zengong for about six weeks, his GPT lowered to 191. After three more months of practice, it dropped further down to 91. Subsequently, he went back to work. During his recovery I gave him remote healing once a week. Another student, Ms. Ling-Sui Huang, suffered from breast cancer. She had already undergone five operations and she was still receiving treatment at the Taiwan University Hospital. To avoid having another operation and more chemotherapy, she came to learn Mahayana Zengong as an alternative. After she practiced five weeks and received weekly remote healing from me, her doctor noticed that the malignant tumors were continuously shrinking. After the sixth week, her doctors informed her that the tumors had vanished. She was on her way to full recovery. Madam Ye Man, a renowned Buddhist scholar, had been suffering from rectocele for twenty years. When she came to class I taught her special exercises and also gave her remote healing once a week. In less than three weeks she had been totally relieved from pains. She is now an Honorary Director of the ROC Mahayana Zengong Association. Another executive of our Mahayana Zengong Association, Madam Peng Hong Xi-Zhu, who is the Abbot of the Mu-Sheng Temple at Hsinchu, suffered severe chronic headaches. Neither Traditional Chinese treatment nor Western medicine gave her any relief. At her request, I only gave her remote healing once and that completely cured the pain. There was no recurrence in the many months after that. It was also at her invitation that I established the Hsinchu Buddhist Center and offered Mahayana Zengong teachings to the public in Hsinchu. Countless people came for remote healing, among them were two retired Legislators, Mr. Wu-Sheng Sheu and Mr. Shu-Wei Huang. The former suffered from back pain which was cured after ten minutes of remote healing. The latter complained of chronic fatigue and pains over his whole body. The cause was most probably due to overwork. After ten minutes of healing his body turned warm and his face took on a healthy glow. He is now the Vice-President of our Association. Participating in the grand opening ceremony of the World Chi-Kung Research Association at the Asiaworld Hotel, Legislator Mr. Hsieh Chang-Ting was suffering from a severe headache. The pain was completely gone after ten minutes of healing. The Manager of the Changhwa Branch Taiwan Medium Small Business Bank was hospitalized in the Changhwa Hospital with renal calculus. When I went to see him he was suffering excruciating pain which shook his body and left his face extremely pale and wild- looking. I asked him where the most painful point was. He shakily pointed to the area of his ureter. I gave him healing for about six minutes after which he stopped trembling and managed to settle down. He said that there was a kidney stone lodged in his ureter and that he had been in intensive pain for three days. The doctors told him that if the pain did not stop soon they would have to operate on him. He was appreciative of my healing. With the help of two people, he was able to get off the bed to wash up. Next I gave him remote Chi emanation for about five minutes. His face changed to a healthier color. Following that, I used my mind power to guide the removal of his kidney stones for five minutes. Two months later he invited me to dinner. He told me he did not have the surgery because the doctor could not find any trace of a kidney stone in the X-ray. “Where did it go?” I asked. He replied: “I don’t know and the doctor can’t explain it either!” At the request of his staff managers, I opened a center in Changhwa. The first class had twenty-seven students and now there are more than one hundred active participants in the center. Mr. Jian-Shao You, the personal secretary of Madame Chiang Kai-Shek, took one month sick leave due to dizzy, stomach bloating, and weakness in both legs. After three weeks he did not get any better, so he came to see me and asked for healing. I gave him remote healing on three successive occasions. After that all his complaints vanished. He returned to work after his leave. A daughter of Mrs. Cai-Feng Cheng, my colleague from fifteen years ago, suffered an upper body fever of 103.5 degree Fahrenheit (39.7 degree Celsius) while her lower body was icy cold. That occurred just after she traveled the Bei-Yi highway. Mrs. Cheng’s husband is a Traditional Chinese doctor so he used both Chinese and Western medicine to try to control the fever. After he treated her for forty-eight hours without success, a friend brought her to me. My diagnosis was that Ms. Cheng was attached by bad spirits. After twenty minutes of healing she fully recovered. The startling success of Mahayana Zengong remote healing has to be seen to be believed. One might say that it is astonishing! It is beyond imagination!

Mahayana Zengong is scientific The teachings of Buddhism have been proven to be scientific. So is our Mahayana Zengong. The following points support this assertion. 1. According to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, the equivalence between matter and energy can be described by the well known formula E = mc2 (that is, energy = mass multiplied by the square of the speed of light). Through proper training, a human could develop his/her potential to transform mass into energy and emanate it in the form of light energy. The wavelength and frequency of the light can be detected and displayed using a high speed oscilloscope. The Taiwan University Hospital and the Taipei Veteran General Hospital both have such device(s). 2. Kirlian photography can capture the biological aura which is emitted by all living entities. Under certain circumstances and conditions, the light energy emitted from a human body could also be captured using an ordinary camera. I have many photographs showing bright and radiant light emanated from my body during a deep state of meditation. 3. Planck Law, ? = 2hc/mv2, states that wavelength euals to 2 times Plank’s Constant multiplied by the speed of light and divided by mass and square of its speed. In other words, any moving matter will manifest itself in a form of wave motion. The remote healing therapy of Mahayana Zengong should belong to the fields of Human Life Sciences and parapsychology. It can be explained in terms of the theory of Relativity, Wave Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, and Optics, and will be on the cutting edge of science and technology of the 21st Century. All developed countries will invest heavily in the research of Chi energy and its relevance to the human well being. Mainland China has been involved in the scientific research of Chi-Kung for decades now. It is known that Mr. Qian Xue-Shen, the father of Chinese Aerospace Science, is a major promoter of this research effort in China. Fortunately, there were encouraging signs in Taiwan lately. The research in this area has been taken up seriously in several private, public and University Hospitals.

(Translator’s note: This article first appeared in the issue of Buddhist Newsweek, No. 128, April 4, 1992.)

(c) USMZAS 1998

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